Developing the linoprints 2

Misty morning, snow, Aylestone Meadows. Linoprint plus coloured pencil and oil pastel on brown paper. Vivien Blackburn

First an apology - Ainesse left a really interesting and informative comment about linoprinting - and I somehow lost it :>( Ainesse could you possibly leave one again? and I'd love to read about the caustic soda process - and yes I have tried intaglio lino but wasn't very good at it! I don't have access to a printing press at the moment.

Then - these are 2 of the 10 experiments worked into with coloured pencils and touches of oil pastel.
The first print is an attempt to catch that thin mist, that often goes with snow, that softens and lightens colour, turning the world into gentle pastels.

Evening, getting dark, snow, Aylestone Meadows, linoprint plus coloured pencils and oil pastel on black paper, Vivien Blackburn
This one is an attempt to catch that cold bright light from the snow as the light goes.

Are you fed up with this tree yet? :>D


Gesa said…
Ohoh... I love the second one! How fantastic... now, where are your buy now buttons ;)

Me? Fed up? No way! I like seeing how you explore the margins of the medium. Very inspiring!
vivien said…
thanks Gesa :>)

I'm going to try to get my head around that button! ;>D
Robyn Sinclair said…
The first is my favourite, Vivien the brown ground is wonderful light behind the 'snow'. Don't stop now, I'm thinking I'm going to have to try some form of landscape so I can play around too.

I've been nervous putting anything other than ink on the lino or wood blocks until I get a reasonable number of prints off them, but I think it's time to experiment.

The 'button' can be nerve-wracking, can't it? But you've already got into Etsy and to my mind that is a lot more complicated.
vivien said…
ugggh - fell at the first hurdlee Robyn! I needed to upgrade my personal paypal account to either a premier or business in order to use the button - when I try the only one there is business and I want premier.I emailed for advice which hasn't been forthcoming :>(

I think I'll simply open a new account and close the old one. Then try and see how many glitches I can manage to come upon!

Oh do experiment with your linos and woodcuts :>)
Jeanette Jobson said…
I'm not fed up either. I love your experiments with colour on this lino print.

And I love the second one too. The colours are beautiful and really give a feeling of twilight.
vivien said…
thanks Jeanette :>)

I thought the dog on your post today was one of your best - beautifully done :>)
Robyn Sinclair said…
I managed to upgrade from personal to a Premier account this week, Vivien - took me all day, mind you :( I couldn't see any reason not to go for the business account except Etsy had recommended the Premier one. I think a totally new account would be more complicated.

I get so stressed over these little computer chores. I was terrified I was going to destroy my whole blog putting an Etsymini on it.

Had a glum time trying to print with oil paints on an old linocut today. I was trying to mix intaglio and relief. But I'm not giving up, yours are inspiring.
vivien said…
oh :>( I hope you get on better with the oils - I applied them with a brush and only on the surface. Just as though I was painting. Not too thinly.

Intaglio prints need a press - I know you have access to one - and you need to put a layer of thick sponge over plate/paper to press the paper down into the dips. I was never successful with this :>(

I wonder if Personal IS premier????? in which case the account it ok and I wouldn't need to change

Yes, I'm terrified of messing up my pay pal account! stress? absolutely!

Sometimes I hate computers!
Robyn Sinclair said…
Thanks for the sponge (or foam) tip, Vivien. I think that is just what I need and to be more generous when inking up the intaglio layer.

Any progress on your button?
vivien said…
good luck with intaglio Robyn - and no I haven't sorted out changing my ebay account yet as the first step!
LC David said…
wow! What nice stuff....I love it
Banksy prints
LC David said…
WOW! What beautiful Paintings.....
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