Those pollarded willows again - in pastel

Pollarded Willows, Aylestone Meadows, Pastel. approx 16ins. Vivien Blackburn

Another look at those pollarded willows. Behind me is the canal, just a few feet across the towpath and in front is Ulverscroft Brook. The dried grass of the winter field was pale in the bright light and the sky a pale cold blue. Late afternoon sun warms the sunlit side of the willows with an amber light.

The patch of darker blue sky on the top left is a shadow not part of the painting.



Robyn Sinclair said…
Beautiful, beautiful!! This is a favourite, Vivien. I love the wonderful warm light on the trunk, and the little patches of pure pigment are so unexpected but perfect. And the grasses .... I love it all. This one has to go in the show!
Gesa said…
Hm, this works very well, Vivien. I like the spiky branches disecting the picture plane - they, combined with with beige grasses give a strong sense of movement. I like the splashes of colour: purple, dark red and the slate grey, the only thing I wondered was if they could be interlinked a bit more (on the left trunk at least?). The centre piece of pale blue water is an interesting one: in terms of comp it's so centrally positioned that it could be a bit disturbing. But it isn't. It makes a very intriguing centrepoint - possibly becasue the spikes keep pulling my attention away from the centre.
vivien said…
thanks Robyn :>)

Gesa I'll look at the interlinking - it was so strongly silhouetted that it was difficult to see

It's fun to take a compositional NO and make it work!
Tina Mammoser said…
My only comment is: where is the "buy" button. ;) (as if I could afford it)

This is gorgeous. Great composition, strong contrasts. And I love the cool purples in the shadows.
vivien said…
Thanks Tina :>)

You know I really must learn to put a 'buy' button on

maybe have a separate blog with this like some do???

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