linoprints: pollarded willows

Today I managed to print a dozen prints, mainly on brown papers.

I was simply experimenting with what I could achieve and had only a limited range of colours to play with so worked with a mix of brown, ochre and ultramarine - no white available to lighten colours.

The first print I hadn't used enough ink - these are hand printed with water soluble inks - I prefer oil based inks and using an etching press but beggars can't be choosers! With the water based inks I find it's necessary to use much more ink when rolling up - I don't know if other people find this?

The second print worked better and I'd added ultramarine to the mix to darken it.

As I was clearing up I rolled marks onto a piece of paper to clean it - and then decided to do one last print with the residue left on the lino over these- I think I'll experiment further with this too as I like the loose painterliness it adds.

The chine colle ones weren't a great success and are probably heading for the bin - but that's another avenue to explore, along with a graduated rollup, where the bottom is darker than the top.

I popped them in a folder to bring them home and interleaved the prints with paper - these made rather interesting secondary prints when I unpeeled them on arrival - a sort of skeletal version - I'll do something with these as well. Don't you just love happy accidents?

I've been experimenting in photoshop with them since I got home - but that's for another post :>)

I still find lino very graphic for me but I'm learning ways to work around that so it's growing on me as a form of printmaking.

Please keep your comments and advice coming on the 'buy' button post below - I'm finding it very helpful :>)


dinahmow said…
Ah,yes! The happy accidents. Some of my favourite (and often, best!) prints are the monos taken from the inking bench.
That bottom one begs to be worked on with a fine pen and maybe a gentle water colour wash.

P.S. I posted my lino image.
Gesa said…
Great composition, Vivien! I like it a lot - as with the pastel earlier, it's such a strong piece. The brown ink on brown papers works very well and I'm curious to see your digital edits.
vivien said…
I do like that brown paper as a background Gesa - today I was using pale greeny,goldy oil paints and I rather like that too.

Dinah yes!

I like your portrait a lot! I haven't had chance to work on mine yet :>(

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