Digital experiments with flower photos

Digital experiment 1. Vivien Blackburn

I've been playing around with the recent flower photos and these are 3 of the results. I'd like to do some canvasses based on the first two I think. Maybe using acrylic inks to get the luminosity???

I quite like the geometric hard edges playing against the flowing natural forms of the petals and stamens.

What do you think?

Digital experiment 2. Vivien Blackburn

Digital experiment 3. Vivien Blackburn

Keep those trees coming for the challenge :>)


I like the third one best. The colours are richer and more dramatic.
Have you thought of painting a layer on acetate or similar and layering over the top of the canvas painted layer.
Just a thought.
Charlene Brown said…
Given that I am as fond as you are of that original Hydrangea blue, I'm surprised to say I prefer the first picture -- you have introduced just the right amount of pink for an inspired composition!
ian said…
Think I prefer 2 - it is the most subtle, although 3 is the most obviously 'digital' - ie not mimicking something else.
Rose Welty said…
Vivien, I love these! You are such an inspiration to me...on a regular basis you come up with new, fascinating ideas to explore. So fun to see.
Jean Spitzer said…
These are terrific--and could make terrific sources for painting.
RH Carpenter said…
Very interesting experiments which would make some interesting and visually challenging paintings :) Would love to see you do any of these.
vivien said…
I've used acetate in that way in an artists book of digital images Shirely but never actually painted on acetate (though I've painted on it to monoprint, it gets wiped off)

It's certainly a great idea for experimenting with - thank you :>)

Charlene for me it's the first 2 and thanks :>)

jbanda - yes it is more subtle and sometimes just an intensity of variations on a single colour can be interesting to play with.

Rose, Jean and RHC - thank you :>)
rob ijbema said…
something really nice going on here vivian,great experiments!
vivien said…
thanks Rob - and I love your plein air paintings
Jo Reimer said…
I'm jealous that I didn't think of this first! What a good idea to use these layered photos as your painting design. Inks would work but so would watercolors or watered down acrylics. And you might come up with a very abstract design as well, with any of them. I find all of these very attractive.
vivien said…
thanks Jo :>)

It's so HOT here that I haven't done any painting at all today :>( I don't do heat - especially with high humidity
Robyn Sinclair said…
One longs for the summer to get out and paint and then one realises how the heat saps the energy to paint!

These are fascinating, Vivien. I love the frame within a frame and the sense of floating layers. I'd go with the first two as well.

How I'd love to see exactly how you make these images. Are you using Illustrator as well as Photoshop? It's really awesome that you've become so skilful with software that I can't seem to get the hang of. Brilliant.
caseytoussaint said…
Very interesting - it looks as though it could be a wonderful jump-off point for a series of paintings as well.

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