Pearly Dawn, Cornwall, and Botallack Mine, seascapes in oils, work in progress

Pearly Dawn, Sennen Cove, Cornwall. 10 inches square, oil on canvas, Vivien Blackburn

A calm sea, pearly colours of lavender, apricot and jade. This one is another oil on a 10 inch square canvas, It was a total nightmare to photograph as the subtle jades kept disappearing and the apricot highlights - not helped by photographing it while it's wet! The sky glows a bit more and there are subtle bits of the apricot sky reflecting on the tips of the swells that aren't being picked up very well in the photo :>(

The last one I showed, of the harbour, has had the lower section of sky lightened and I think is finished.

Botallack mine is moving onwards but large areas are still just blocked in. The foreground has a long way to go and the far cliffs and mine houses but the sea and sky are further forward. The sea is going to be wilder, crashing onto the rocks and cliffs.

Work in progress, Botallack Mine. 16x20. Vivien Blackburn



Julie Dunion said…
Hi Vivien, the perspective in Botallack Mine is working brilliantly, the deep green land at the front is really jumping forward, pushing everything else back and creating great sense of depth.
Unknown said…
It seems that photoshop has some limitations when it comes to color, but thank you for putting the larger images up. I can see your lovely brushwork in the larger views, and follow your thinking process as you develop the layers of color. These are very dynamic paintings - I had to look back to convince myself of the small scale on some of them.
vivien said…
Thanks Julie I'm hoping to get some time today to work on it some more

I'm not sure if it's photoshop or my camera Sue but I find that it's very very hard to bring out the subtle changes of blues and greens
Two lovely paintings vivien! I adore the colours in Pearly dawn.
dinahmow said…
Hmmm...I see what you mean about making the cliff too high!
I'm somewhat amazed that you can get all this in a 10" canvas.My hand-eye correlation goes completely out of whack when I try to put a lot in a little!
vivien said…
Thanks Ronelle

and Dinah -this Botallack one is a 16x20 so not such a struggle with detail, which is quite loose really.

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