approaching storm

a different scale for this one :) it's only 15 inches tall in watercolour and coloured pencil - another in the Time and Tide series.


I need to do some work in pastel on the theme of Reflections . The Pastel Society have a show on the theme in August I believe and I need 2 paintings in pastel. We're allowed to use mixed media as long as the major part is done in pastel so I'll probably underpaint in watercolour or acrylic.

Reflections could be viewed in a lot of different ways - meditative reflection rather than simple mirror like actual reflection for instance - but it will suit me if what I do fits in with a body of work that I have ongoing, rather than an isolated image that won't be shown anywhere else, so it's likely to be either a waterways or seascape image.


Anita said…
I love the storm clouds! Sky is positively glowering on the horizon.
vivien said…
thanks Anita - that's what I wanted :)

it's when that weather sneaks up from behind you and it's a half mile walk to shelter that it's fun!
Joan said…
This long format really captures so much. I like this! Good luck with the show.
vivien said…
thanks Joan :)

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