Contemporary painters of seascapes, beaches and the coast

Having looked at a couple of painters of flowers I like recently, I thought I'd look at some of the contemporary artists who paint the coast that I admire.

David Tress:

copyright David Tress

I love the abstraction of his work, forms dissolve into pure marks and drama. The wildness of the sea is beautifully evoked by the dramatic slashing use of the paint. This is how Cornwall was in the winter, where I lived as a child, the wildness, the weather and the danger are all there.

copyright Neil Pinkett

I love his use of colour and the way that he simplifies elements to the essentials.

copyright Kurt Jackson

I've mentioned his work before - just a couple of times! - but I love the drama and movement and terrific sense of place and the exciting use of paint and marks in his work.

image copyright Ross Loveday
I love the loose airiness of his work and the sense of light, the free, lively expressive brushstrokes evoking the wind and the sky and sheen of wet sand.
These are some favourites but there are a lot more, I may do a follow up post later on these.


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