Scottish Painters

I've liked the work of contemporary Scottish painters for a long time and a conversation with Katherine about talking about those we like triggered this post. I'm sure she'll come up with a very different and equally interesting selection - and I know hers will inlclude Blackadder, so I'll leave Katherine to talk about this her work :)

The 16 seascapes I'm in the middle of are ongoing, you've seen the finished ones and the others are wet and still in progress (but very nearly done except for that horrible endless task of painting the edges :( )

S0 .... it seems a good time to look up those Scottish artists I like and provide some links.

The Manor House Gallery in Stow on the Wold specialises in Scottish painters and shows many of those I like. - skim to the bottom after you've looked at the paintings shown and click on links to their other artists - they've got some lovely work - with this gallery I love the work of Ethel Walker, Nael Hanna, Georgie Young, Ruth Brownlee, Janet Kerr and Charles McQueen - I haven't put individual URL's as you can click on those and more on the gallery website :)

They are all landscape painters - they play with the colours, pushing them, becoming expressionistic - contemporary work still showing the influence of the Scottish Colourists - and - Peploe, Hunter, Cadell and Fergusson, who painted with the Impressionists and Post Impressionists and came back using heightened colours and expressive free marks.

Then there was William Gillies - the next generation, influenced by them but with his own style, I like his watercolours a lot but find some of his oils a little dead.

I also like Hughie O'Donahue, then there's Barbara Rae

At the Scottish Gallery in Edinburgh you can follow links to their artists David Bellany, John Brown, Gordon Bryce, Damian Callan, John Gardiner Crawford, Victoria Crowe and Stephanie Dees - and more.

Anne Redpath was another gifted painter - simlifying forms and using colour expressively and subtly.

I like their use of colour from expressionist and vibrant to subtle and glowing, the expressive free flowing brushstrokes and marks and their sense of place.

There are so many others that I haven't mentioned and one whose name is nagging at the back of my memory that I really want to mention! - I've remembered! Joan Eardley, I love her work, waifs in the Glasgow tenements to landscape. Sadly she died young. and

so ... none of my work to show today as it's too wet to photograph but a feast of Scottish painters to look at :) and I know I've forgotten to inlclude many other favourites.


Katherine said…
That's a lot for one post! I think they could merit a month;s project.

I can't remember the name of the Scottish Colourist I like but I remember his paintings very well.

I was intrigued by Joan Eardely - I didn't realise that gouache could go for that much! ;)

I did Blackadder last Monday.....
vivien said…
ooops! of course you did a post on Blackadder, I forgot! - this has been a really hectic week and remembering my own name is a problem!

There are 16 of the large seascapes that keep travelling up and down stairs - stacked around the living room to be 'taken by surprise' so I know where next and then back upstairs to be worked on. oh to have a large downstairs studio/gallery space < longing sigh >

there aren't many works of Joan Eardley online. I've got a lovely book about her and she was a very interesting artist with a rather sad life.

John Brown did a lovely series on bouquets of flowers that might interest you - his wife was terminally ill and I think they were the gifts people brought.
drb said…
Thanks for this -- informational posts like his are fun to explore.
vivien said…
I hope you liked the work :)the other artists on the gallery sites that I didn't mention are worth looking at too :)

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