Time and Tide - together :)

all images copyright Vivien Blackburn
This is the series that I have at the moment - they are all to scale and it gives an idea of how they work when hung. The tallest is 50 inches and the shortes 35 inches - widths vary from 8 ins to 12 ins.

Windy Day 12x42 inches
In this one I tried to catch a fine windy day, where the surf is pounding in and the reflections are broken by the incoming ripples - it's exhilarating to be on the beach on a day like this :)
I've still got some more to do and then it's on to slightly more usual canvas proportions.
At the moment they are propped on top of the TV, in front of bookcases and along a sofa in the living room so that I can see if anything wants adjusting - and all those edges need painting in a soft neutral creamy colour :>( - a mammoth task! ...... I wonder if my husband would ............................. no, I think that's hoping for too much! :>)


Lindsay said…
This is an amazing series! The work is wonderfully alive and vibrant. The moon one is just lovely. I can just imagine your living space filled with all this water, sky and color.Only a devoted husband would understand such a need to "look". Congrats on a great accomplishment.
vivien said…
:D thanks Lindsay

a reporter from a local glossy magazine is phoning to interview me later - so I don't know what that's all about but it's exciting!
kate said…
I hope the interview went well! Where is it being published? I loved this series ... I like their sizes and the subject matter.
Oh lovely to see them all together like that!
Robyn said…
I'm loving this series, Vivien. Haven't had time to comment much but I wish you a huge success with it. I see you are getting noticed already! Brava.
vivien said…
thank you all :)

the interview went OK - I think! It will be in a local (not national) glossy mag in August - I hope it comes out ok! It's one that the people with money buy so that's good!
Ah, you have a touch with the long vertical format!!

These are lovely.
Mireille said…
Very beautiful serie...
yours colours are so intense.
thank you
vivien said…
thank you Virginia and Mireille :)
Joan said…
I just lov this series you're doing. You've captured so many wonderful versions of the beach!
vivien said…
thanks Joan :)

I've painted there in so many weathers - sometimes having early hypothermia I'm certain!

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