Digital Images

We've been busy with my husband's family over from Ireland which means no painting, so I thought I'd show some digital images done using photographs and scans.

I like to use the computer to work through ideas for paintings and to create images that exist in their own right.

These images are part of a series I did on my daughter.

all images copyright Vivien Blackburn

The first one is about a time in her life when she had to decide whether to give up a hated psychology degree half way through and change direction in her life - a younger, more carefree Her looks on. She did leave and went on to complete a law degree.

In the next image she was working, doing a law degree and was constantly having to watch the time, timetable activities, meet deadlines in time .....

In the following one I combined a picture of her with part of a painting by Dante Gabriel Rosetti - integrating them and providing modern equivalents for the accessories shown. I'd taken a photo of her running her fingers through her hair - a very characteristic move! when I saw the Rosetti painting I couldn't resist trying this combination. I can't remember how many stages there were to incorporate portraits, photographs, objects and make them work together .... a lot!

and the last one I combined her with one of her favourite wall hangings :)


Robyn said…
These are beautiful, Vivien. How clever you are with Photoshop. Unfortunately for me it's a bit like having a Ferrari in the garage and only driving it to the letterbox!
vivien said…
:D thanks Robyn!

I do enjoy playing with it, it's so creative

I'm feeling very lazy at the moment and so haven't got anything new to show. I've got 8 unfinished ones in the Time and Tide series to get on with though before I do anything else.
kate said…
Summertime is perfect for being lazy... I like the way you've combined different images with your daughter. Most cool!
vivien said…
thanks Kate :)
jafabrit said…
those are really cool, I loved how you did them, and such a beautiful model too :)
Gesa said…
I really enjoy these... Had to laugh about robyn's ferrari comment... I've been very slowly making my way through a PS tutorial and can at least take it to the letterbox now - but these are great, I like the Art Noveau one particularly - great effect.
vivien said…
I thought the Ferrari comment was great too!

and thank you both :)

a lot of it is hands on play and see what happens with photoshop - tutorials are always so long winded :(

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