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I've taken a few days off painting to catch up on a million and one other tasks so I thought I'd share some of the artists who blog and that I read regularly. I'm mentioning them in alphabetical order as they come up on bloglines. There are others but I can't list them all! As it is you can see that I spend too much time on the computer! .... well it's better than Wimbledon, football, racing, you-name-it that himself is watching.

First off Anita who does the most beautiful work in pencil and pastel. I was first amazed by the cutlery she drew in pencil and her current series of pastels, used in rather un-traditional way have an incredible presence and mood to them.

Patrice who not only handles watercolours brilliantly but catches the excitement and drama and movement of sailing equally brilliantly.

Derek who paints the figure and also recently has done a beautiful series on Venice, a beautiful use of watercolours and an interesting work in progress on a recent post.

Casey - an interesting read and juicy colourful work in pastels and a fascinating and informative blog about art fairs packed with great advice

Bridgette who works in mixed media and encaustic - I've never used encaustic and would really like to at some point as some of the results are just beautiful. - a really interesting and informed read about all sorts of art related topics

Maggie who does some lovely work, has a wonderful sense of humour - even if she does have a strange taste in artists to admire sometimes - sorry Maggie I don't really like Maxfield Parrish!

Idle thoughts of an idle woman another funny and interesting blog - in Italian, which I have never studied, so I get maybe one word in 20 based on French/Latin! but the work speaks for itself

Valerie who is deservedly doing really well with her glorious huge free flower paintings. for challenges and ideas

Diane painter and printmaker - lovely printmaking and an interesting read
Julie I followed her mile a day blog and now watch her family portraits and other sketches here. interesting topics and great sketches interesting articles on artists, a good read

Katherine (you all know this one! but I couldn't not mention it, always good, well thought out, informative and well written - and with interesting art work too :) ) and

Maya a very talented young artist good work, interesting writing and she lives in such a lovely place too.

Lindsay who decided to do a project on her local waterways in response to mine - it's been an interesting transatlantic discussion Lindsay and your landscape/city so different :)

Ellen a printmaker with a lovely fresh way of working and a delightful sense of humour

Tina beautiful atmospheric seascapes and interesting writing this is a great site but has no 'feed' so it's sadly impossible to subscribe :(

so ..... if you are looking for a good read, great work, and haven't already discovered them, I can recommend them all :)

or you could look at my website and help to up it's profile :)


Lindsay said…
Vivien, thanks so much for your kind words! Your work inspires me and I appreciate your encouragment.Having good company for the journey is half the fun!
vivien said…
that's ok - actually you get a mention in the next post as well!
Casey Klahn said…
am-art and the Italian blog! So glad I found them through you! Thanks, Vivian.
vivien said…
:) great aren't they?
dinahmow said…
ooh! I am being mentioned in illustrious company! Thankyou.
I have also read your post about travelling around and recognised many of those places.
By the way, how is your cat-that-was-missing?
Katherine said…
Thanks for the link Vivienne - I shall tell "he who must not bored while I sketch" that I'm now known as "that one"! ;)

I've only just surfaced from two MEGA blog posts this week on my flowers in art project - and didn't realise until I sat down this morning that they are both scottish artists. Scotland produces such great artists - I think we ought to hunt a few art blogs down from 'up there'

In the meantime, thansk for all the great links - I know some but not all so I'll have some extra reading to do.

Now I'm heading back to the housework.......
vivien said…
Dinah Cat-who-went-missing is fine - a little more appreciative, certainly eating more! and back to bossing us about ;)

Katherine - or that one :D - yes, I like the work of a lot of Scottish artists - the influence of the Scottish Colourists is still incredibly strong in much of the work that is going on.

I'll have to do a post about those I admire - I don't know of any blogs.
Ujwala said…
thank you very much for adding me to this fantastic list of sites. i loved going through all of them even the ones i frequent.
vivien said…
you are welcome :)
Camplin said…
Thanks for all the links. It was fun visiting all your friends. I like the cup drawing. My earily work was using pastels and I always enjoyed making images of objects that had meaning to my friends and family.
vivien said…
thanks Todd, the way you use text in your work is interesting - I was at uni with someone who worked with text but in a slightly different way.

(the cup is actually done in coloured pencil)
Anita said…
WOW, Vivien - I just saw this! How incredibly kind of you to have me on this list! I'm blushing!
vivien said…
kind ???? not kind at all! your work is beautiful!

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