collage and experimenting in sketchbooks

collage and mixed media in sketchbook, swirling surf at the sea's edge. Vivien Blackburn

It's fun to just play and experiment sometimes - new ideas develop that way.

The sketches above are a mix of collage - marbled paper, some brown and olive green paper, a torn up small painting and a touch of coloured pencil, biro and tippex (typing correction pen)

I like using collage and really ought to use it more often in larger work.

This was done in Lindsay's sketchbook in the FPP sketchbook exchange.

Do you use collage?


Kari Gibson said…
Oh, lovely sketchbook work - mine are too untidy to show the world, lol!

Yes, I do collage a lot, especially in my beeswax work and I am currently experimenting with ways to adhere papers to watercolour paper in such a way that the paint isn't overly affected.

Look forward to seeing the work you produce with collage in mind!
vivien said…
I'll look forward to seeing how that goes :>)

and thanks!

oh lots of sketchbook pages are terribly scruffy and messy! this was for one of the exchanges so I kept it tidy!
I sometimes try making collages but it's like everything else with me - when I start to find it difficult and taxing on the brain I move on to some other bright idea. Other artists always seem to do it better anyway, like these sketchbook collages of yours.
I may be inspired by what you do to try something larger as well, if I find time after my subconscious musings!
vivien said…
go for it!

It's something I keep meaning to do.

First I'm going to learn marbling as the marbled paper works so well for the ripples at the edge of the waves :>)

I've just done a huge post on the sketchbook exchanges your spaceman is due for a watery landing by the way!
I'm braced and ready for my return to earth as you will see from my response on MoleyX :o)

That's the longest post I've ever seen. You're beginning to get as big a blether as me!
vivien said…
Cathy Gatland said…
You've reminded me how much I enjoyed doing two large collages out of failed watercolour paintings - these are lovely pages.
vivien said…
thanks Cathy :>)

recycling is good!

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