Cornish seas: changing colours, more photos

Fishing Boat at Sennen Cove, photograph: Vivien Blackburn
I half feel like doing a painting of this - and half think that the photo already says it all. It's one of my favourites for its simplicity.

looking across to Cape Cornwall and the Brisons, blue day, photograph: Vivien Blackburn
Cape Cornwall is the hill on the headland and off to the right on the horizon the rocks called The Brisons. Above in blue skied sunny mood and below with beautiful swirling clouds and steely blue-greys. The rocks here and at Porthcurno round past Lands End to the right are quite pale unless they are covered in seaweed but at Priests Cove (see lower down) at Cape Cornwall are very very dark.

looking across to Cape Cornwall and The Brisons, rainy morning, photo: Vivien Blackburn
Priests Cove, dark rocks and steely colours, a bit misty, Cape Cornwall, looking back towards Sennen Cove, photo: Vivien Blackburn

People on the beach at St Ives, pearly light, photo: Vivien Blackburn
Isn't it lovely the way the light changes and the sea becomes pearly and opalescent or steely or vividly blue?
Not to mention the changes in the surf - in all of these the sea is calm and tranquil with little surf but just look at the earlier post of the breakers crashing over the harbour wall to see how quickly this can change too :>)


Julie said…
Beautiful Cornwall and I do like the works you have been showing recently Vivian. We go to St Ives every year for the same reasons you do. The colours are wonderful. Funnily enough we've never got to Sennen Cove but I shall definitely get there next year.
Lindsay said…
Vivien, your photos are so wonderful. You have captured so many moods here. I love that pearly light and the one with the weather front moving in.Looks like you have enough photos to sustain your work for awhile!
vivien said…
thank you both :>)

Sennen Cove is lovely Julie - and it was a new area for me to explore so thoroughly :>) - Porthcurno was amazing as well and Penberth the tiniest little fishing village

:>) I hope so Lindsay - I don't normally like working from photos, but with sketching there as well I think some of them will definitely lead on to paintings - the weather front is one of my favourites
Jeanette Jobson said…
These are lovely Vivien. I love the ever changing light on water too.

And so like Newfoundland seascapes. I guess I almost take similar views for granted in some ways. I'll have to post some images and show you the similarities.
vivien said…
I'd love to see some photos of the Newfoundland coast Jeanette - and I do envy you living near a beautiful coast!

I grew up seeing these changing colours in Cornwall and loved them as a child.
Katiejane said…
Vivien, I love looking at your photographs, (of course I love your paintings, too). I think the English coastline is so inspiring. Nice post.
vivien said…
I think it's inspiring too!

thank you :>)
you have a magical wand when it comes to beach and sea scapesVivien! I love what you do. Do you work "en plein air" or from photos?
vivien said…
I work a lot plein air while I'm there Ronell and it fixes lots of stuff in my memory and in the sketchbooks - so I have that to work from at home :>)

All those aceo's were purely from memories I could draw on because I'd sketched plein air.

Occasionally then I'll look at a photo but only occasionally, I don't work so well that way somehow. I wish I did. When I do I move it away from the photo, drawing on memory for the colours the photo didn't catch and changing the composition. Sometimes combining images.

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