moleskine exchange update and more seascapes

Moleskine exchange, Sennen Cove, surf on the rocks, Vivien Blackburn
These are the 2 recent pictures in the moleskine sketchbook exchange, done in Lindsay's book with its theme of maps and destinations. Lindsay, Lorraine and Brian had concentrated on the maps/aerial view side and David had taken us into outer space. I decided to give his spaceman a nice place to splash down on his return :>) and look at destination
You can see the spaceman and other pages here:

the next day, wild surf and rain, subtle colours replacing the vivid blue of the previous day

That's a harbour wall under those waves, quite a tall wall and this wasn't even a gale! That large rock reef outside the harbour helps break the force of the waves as they come in

This book is currently with Gesa and I'll be interested to see where she takes it next :>)

Casey (Klahn) have you got my book? I'm dying to see what you do with it.



Gesa said…
i'll be very interested to see what i'll do with it myself... still clueless so far ;)
Anita said…
Super seascapes - love the way the water is spraying up in the first one. Your colours are always so enticing!
vivien said…
Thanks Anita :>)

I'm looking forward to seeing the work you produce in Pakistan :>)

You won't remain clueless long I'm sure Gesa :>) - I felt like that with the Dance theme until an idea finally arrived!
Sylvia Jenstad said…
I agree.. love the movement in your water... so cool... and great colours...
Yellow said…
Vivien, these are so great, full of texture. And, somehow, very 'British'. I don't know if it's the light, or the rock, or the temperature of the sea, but i couldn't mistake these for anything other than the British Coastline.
What else are you working on at the moment? Do you have themes or projects, or do you just paint whatever takes your fancy? I do have mini-projects but I jump between them, as you probably know.
vivien said…
thanks Sylvia and Stephanie :>)

I'm glad you feel I caught the English colours as it's really important to me to do that

I just don't 'get' people who say you can mix any colour from one red, yellow and blue - you cannot! not if you are a colourist painter and the subtle nuances and changes matter to you. I mix my colours and in any one painting may use a limited range - but 'any'
blue won't do for a specific day or mood - and try mixing that green in the sea without viridian for instance!

Because of family health problems (major) I'm not doing as much painting as I'd like - I want to do some large canvasses on this same theme of seascapes, I do occasional sketches of anything around me and I'm also working on a painting for my grandson's bedroom - a seascape - surprise!!! but a child orientated slightly stylised one, similar to the birthday card I made for him.

I do work in series
- obsessively!!!!
but like you I like to jump into other themes occasionally for a break - like the marbling - which of course ended up linking into seascapes!
A great place for a soft landing!
Just as well 'cause I re-entered the atmosphere head first!
vivien said…

I should have put you in it bobbing in the waves and clutching Lindsay's little red canoe from our FPP exchange!

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